Coffee Shop Gig (Updated)

I have a 1 hour set at 7 PM, Thursday February 7, 2008, at Sugarhouse Coffee. I'll be playing a gallery set of ambient dub, lounge, and other chilled selections. Many thanks to DJ Birdman for offering me the time slot. I'm not sure what other DJ's he has lined up but I'm guessing some fresh local talent will play some innovative sets.

(Sugarhouse Coffee has moved about a block west and across the street from their old location. The new location was formerly Millcreek Coffee.)


Mission Statement And Manifesto

It is the intention of the Disgruntled DJ Collective to support and create local music opportunities beyond the typical.

Music should be:
  • Celebration
  • Meditation
  • Dynamic
  • Moving at instinctive and intellectual levels

We reject:
  • Songs, clubs, and DJ's that all sound the same
  • Pigeon-holing music and listeners
  • Dance clubs advertising like strip clubs
  • Prerequisite intoxication

We respect:
  • Creativity
  • Complexity
  • Originality
  • Global Influence
  • Open minds

Contribute your momentum.


Music Recommendations, Cheap And Easy: 80's

My roommate Jennie hooked me up with a DJ gig for the Utah Cyclocross awards party in January. It was an 80's theme party so I got to dredge up a bunch of great tunes from my youth. To celebrate the event I'm recommending a list of great selections from from the 80's that are all fun, fantastic listening experiences, some of which may be iconic. I won't offer many comments, but will suggest that they are all well worth owning for the few bucks they will cost.

Police: 'Synchronicity'
Just get the whole collection with 'Message In A Box' (4xCD).

Men Without Hats: 'Pop Goes The World'
PGTW may be their best, but doesn't include their iconic 'Safety Dance', which is tricky to locate.

Men At Work: 'Business As Usual'

Eurythmics: 'Sweet Dreams', 'Touch'

Tears For Fears: 'The Hurting'

Alphaville: 'Forever Young', 'Afternoons In Utopia'

Peter Gabriel: 'So'

Yaz (or Yazoo in Europe): 'Upstairs At Eric's', 'You And Me Both'

Yes: '90125'

The The: 'Soul Mining'

Wang Chung: 'Live And Die In L.A.'

Devo: 'Oh No! It's Devo', "Freedom Of Choice'...
Many good releases but some suck. My fave Devo comp is 'Pioneers Who Got Scalped'.

Propaganda: 'Secret Wish' and/or 'Wishful Thinking'

Human League: 'Reproduction'

OMD: 'Junk Culture'...
Many great releases but everything after 'Pacific Age' blows.

Howard Jones: 'Human's Lib'

Talking Heads: 'Stop Making Sense'
Available on CD, but get the DVD.

Flock Of Seagulls: 'Flock Of Seagulls'.

Oingo Boingo: 'Dead Man's Party', 'Boi-Ngo'...
All of their 80's releases are great. I guess 20 years is long enough that many don't realize Boingo is where film score composer Danny Elfman started his brilliant career. Don't forget his 'So-Lo' release.

The Cars: 'Greatest Hits'

Thomas Dolby: 'Golden Age Of Wireless'

Duran Duran: 'Duran Duran', 'Rio'

Depeche Mode: 'Black Celebration'

The Cure: 'Staring At The Sea'

Yello: 'You Gotta Say Yes', 'Stella', 'One Second', 'Flag', 'New Mix In One Go'
Watch for a dedicated entry regarding this favorite band.

Pet Shop Boys: 'Actually', 'Disco'

The Fixx: 'Shuttered Room', 'Reach The Beach', 'Phantoms', 'Walkabout'

Art Of Noise: 'Who's Afraid', 'In No Sense, Nonsense'
The best is 'In Visible Silence' (seek versions with the instrumental, non Max Headroom version of 'Paraniomia') which seems to be out of print these days. I expect a reissue.

English Beat: 'What Is Beat'

B-52's: 'Wild Planet'
Other super-silly-fun tracks scattered around their releases. Avoid anything after '86.


Music Recommendations For Nobody.

Nobody is looking for a new listening experience. Nobody is sick of radio, MTV, and XM. Poeple just want to hear more of the same stuff they already like. I tuned out popular radio ages ago and now my ears bleed if I'm forced to listen. I'm qualified to make music recommendations to nobody. I'll continue two series of recommendations. One series will be on obscure, possibly expensive, but essential music. The other series will be on music that is probably still obscure to most, but a great value; Stuff so good and easy to afford you'd be an idiot not to buy it.