May 8 Gig Cancelled

I'll be traveling to California to race the 24 Hours Of Lemons next week, so Thursday the 8th I won't be playing. Stop by on the 22nd instead.


Low Density

I enjoyed tonight's set immensely and hope the recording was good enough to post. Here's the playlist:
I consider bold releases essential, which today is all but one. Even the Yello is essential to me but is probably a bit old and kooky for many listeners.

The Art Of Noise, Brian Eno, Yello, and Eurythmics tracks are all from classic 80's albums. They should be cheap and easy to find used except the AON which has not been remastered yet. Eno's Apollo from 1983 is an ambient milestone that everyone should own.

The Shpongle and Jairamji tracks are taken from Floatation and Arcana, compilations on Interchill Records. Floataion and some other older Interchill releases can be difficult to get but most are worth the effort. If you can't find Floatation, you may want to try this Alchemy comp which has a nearly the full version of Shpongle's "Saudade 2". It appears as "Flute Fruit" on their wonderful album Tales Of The Inexpressable, but tragically edited down to two minutes.

The best place I know for Bhakta (as mentioned in my review) and Ma Faiza is CD Baby.

The Woob, Gods Of Luxury, and Budd/Brazillia releases will be very hard to find.

The only place I know for ESX Trio CDs is Stephane Blok's page. A bit expensive, but I have successfully ordered from him.

Makyo's 'Suzhou River', which you may have noticed appears often in my sets, is available direct from his site. It's a bit spendy for single 20 minute track, but easily worth it.

The remainder are all easy to find through typical channels.

While The City Sleeps

I just finished pulling a stash of excessively relaxed tracks for tomorrow night's ... um, tonight's set. Very mellow. Look forward to a full 2 hour set combining 20 years of ambient, global, and dub.