Music Recommendations, Cheap And Easy: Banco De Gaia

Toby Marks performs and produces as Banco De Gaia. He has a very distinct sound and style which primarily combines eastern rhythms and dubby bass lines into electronic dance tracks with extended ambient transitions. On most albums you will also find a soulful track or two that would be comfortable on a Pink Floyd album. None of this is unique in concept, but the complex, unhurried progression, organic performance sound, and disrespect of typical pop-music structures create a rare listening experience. Though often meditative, Banco albums are generally optimistic and celebratory.

Most Banco De Gaia CDs can be had used for $5 or less on Amazon, Half, or Ebay. Don't hesitate to grab Big Men Cry, Igizeh, Maya, The Magical Sounds Of Banco De Gaia, You Are Here, and Ten Years (a mixed hits compilation). Also recommended is Last Train To Lhasa, a double priced $12 and less used. Farwell Ferengistan is the only CD I find weak and suggest skipping initially. If you want to really support the artist, buy directly at Banco.co.uk.

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