Tonight's Playlist

Thanks to those who came out to hear tonight's set. Here's what I played:

This mix was a little more eclectic and had a few tracks in common with my previous set. Again I highly recommend these albums. They range from very good to essential.

You can get Makyo and Jairamji direct from Makyo's label, Dakini Records. All of the Dakini releases are fantastic.

The Gods Of Luxury CD is impossibly rare and expensive. I lucked out some years ago and got it for $36 on ebay. Now it goes for $200. It's so good though it's not a bad investment.

The best deal I know for Palyrria is at CD Baby.

I'll be out of town for the next few weeks so my next gig will be mid-late March.

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Forbidden_Paradise said...

Hi man! I have to tell you one thing about Angel Tears' album you're looking for (Harmony) and that I have. I'm looking for another album of Angel Tears that I can't find on the net (amazon, e-bay) and that you have. Do you think we can do something?