Tonight's Playlist

Thanks to those at Sugarhouse Coffee tonight for listening . Here's what I played:

As usual, I suggest the bold releases are essential.

The Elvis Costello track I have on 'Greatest Hits, The First Ten Years' which is not in the Discogs database yet. The track was found on his 1977 (!) release 'My Aim Is True' and is on several greatest hits compilations. I'm not crazy about Elvis, but this 30 year old dub track is brilliant.

Orient Expressions 'Divan' is still not in Discogs.

'Snow' by Sounds From The Ground is better served as an instrumental as on the harder to find 'Mosaic' CD, rather than the vocal found on 'Footprints'.

The set was a bit short, just under an hour, but I really like the way it came together. I recorded it and will try to post it for download.

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