Time for a change.

Before I bitch bitch bitch about it, the positive side is that Salt Lake is ripe for change. Enough people are ready for different music that it is bound to happen. Look forward to something good.

Looking back, I used to love dancing. Out with friends, a pleasant sociable buzz, hopping around to song after song... There has been a gradual change. Now whenever there is momentum among friends for an evening out it must be accompanied by preparation for disappointment. Most Salt Lake dance clubs are predictably mundane and even the best ones are only sporadicly acceptable.

I was out the other night with a friend. As expected the music was awful. Some patrons were drunk enough that the music was of no consequence. Some sincerely liked the music since it was basically the same as what they had liked for the last ten years. Some of us grew bored and left, or wisely didn't bother to come in the first place. On the way to the car my friend asked, "when are you going to get some DJ work?"

My response: "Hah. My technical skills suck. That guy could mix ten times better than I can. I'd get laughed out of this place if I tried to get a gig here."

"You do pretty good, but the main thing is I'm sick of nights like this. I want good music when I go dancing. You should find some place to play."

She was right. I may as well give it a try. I already spend so much time on my music hobby I may as well find some outlets to share it. I don't think my dog and cat are ever going to thank me for the enlightening musical experiences they are subjected to in my basement.

So here is my plan: I will pursue DJ'ing for one year. I will pursue some regular gigs at galleries, parties, and clubs. At the end of that year I want to play a big holiday gig: New Year's 2009. At that gig I want people to hear what they're missing and see what's happening. I want them to demand more from their clubs and DJ's.

I want to make one point: The world is full of incredible music and we can move beyond the same shit that's been plugging our ears for the last 20 years.

If 2008 goes well then maybe I'll continue. Hopefully somebody more capable will step up and we can all have a good time when we feel like a night of dancing.

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