Tonight's Playlist

Thanks to those who came out to listen tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed playing and the response I got. Also thanks again to Stroud for inviting me. I had only planned to play for one hour but the second DJ was a no-show. I had brought a stack of extra music so I got to spin for two hours.

I'll re-record the set and post it for download sometime. Here's the playlist.

Palyrria: Askia
Dead Can Dance: Bird
Peaking Goddess Collective: Purple
Gods Of Luxury: Empirical Measures
Art Of Noise: Camilla (The Old Old Story)
Shpongle: Saudade (Part 2)
Orient Expressions: Istanbul 1:26 AM
Doof: Star Over Parvati (Orchestral World Groove Mix, Gaudi)
Ensemble Bash: Mopti Street (Banco De Gaia Mix)
Continuo: Weather Girl
DJ Food: The Crow
Gaudi: Chaine A Chaine (Backroom Beats Version)
Pop Will Eat Itself: Intense
Sounds From The Ground: Where The Wild Things Were
Hallucinogen: Solstice (Warwick Bassmonkey Mix By Ott)
Pitch Black: Harmonia
Cell: Explicit Rotative Movement
Orient Expressions: Ehmedo
Woob: On Earth

I've linked each track to the respective source album on Discogs. I highly recommend most of these source CDs , though some are extremely rare. The compilations are less consistent and may include a dud or two, among some worthwhile tracks. The two Orient Expressions tracks are not yet linked to they source album, 'Divan'.

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